SnapShots: Man with Neck Tattoos

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walk away 527 350

I know a man with neck tattoos. Knuckle tattoos too. His tattoos are the kind of that tell a story the police want to know about. As far as the eye can see he is covered in prison tattoos. Only his face is clear.

He spent years doing the things people do when they are heavy into drugs. He spent years in in and out of jail.

Have you ever met someone who feels really peaceful to you? He feels like that to me.

One day he told me how he had been about to get into a fight with a man. He said he knew he could kill him and not care. But something happened in that moment and all of the anger from his whole angry life began to drain out of him. He could feel it drain from his head and on down his body until it soaked right into the ground. He said he’s never been the same, that the anger has never come back.




Call for submissions for The Good Men Project’s new SnapShots section

SnapShots are those rare moments when someone you do not know suddenly snaps into such clarity that they become vividly real to you. SnapShots change the way you look at other people and the world.

I want to read your SnapShots. Most of them will be between 100 and 300 words, but the uniqueness and power of the moment is the most important factor.

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