My blog A Drop in the Bucket answers this question as well as possible until we see where this journey begins to take me.


I’ve been drawn to the idea of blogging recently, but whenever I think about starting a blog I begin to wonder why I want to do it. I do love to write but I’m not an expert in anything so I don’t have any specialty to share. I’m also not among the best writers around. So the reason for my writing can’t be information, nor can it be perfect examples of the written word. I may occasionally have unique thoughts, but for the most part other people have already thought the things I think of. With the millions of voices on the internet it’s almost certain that at least a few of those people have already written them down.

So I kept being drawn back to the idea and I kept coming back to needing to clarify why. I need to know my writing is adding something to the world or what is the point? I don’t want to just make more noise in this world filled with far too much already. I also hate wasting time, so if I’m not doing something worth doing then I won’t be motivated to do it for long.

I considered that maybe the writing could be just for me. It will help me explore ideas and work issues out and maybe it doesn’t matter if anyone ever sees it. Those are important things I get out of my writing and if that is all that happens when I write, then there is absolutely value there for me. However, if I’m writing totally for my benefit why am I feeling drawn to blog instead of journal in that fancy new blank book I got myself not long ago?

Clearly, I want my writing out there but motivations are very important to me, so what is my motivation for wanting my thoughts and ideas out there for others to read? I have in the past gotten truly thought provoking feedback by putting things out there and that’s wonderful. But I keep coming back to What do I have to add to the world through my writing? Not what do I have to add to me, but what do I have to add to others, to the community, to the world?

I think I’ve figured it out. It’s not that what I have to say is totally unique. It’s that what I have to say is, I believe, important. Not because I’m the only one saying it, but because the more of us who talk about equality, and individuality and how our society isn’t working, the more chance there is for someone new to come across it. The more chance there is for someone to find themselves in an individual story or unique wording. The more chance there is for someone to find something that clicks for them. What I have to say is not necessarily unique, but how or where I say it likely will be and maybe that will make all the difference for someone.

The other thing about important ideas is that the more of us who talk about them, the more aware, the more accepting, the more mindful the world may become.

So my mission for this blog is to share myself yes, but that is not my goal. My goal is to be another voice out there, another drop of rain in the bucket, another tiny bit of something moving toward the tipping point on the issues I care about. There wasn’t one person who came out of the closet or one LGBT blogger that began shifting people’s views of the LGBT community, it was I believe all of the courageous voices that have brought us to where we are now. Our society values the one, but I am beginning to believe it is the many who change the world.

Things worth saying are worth saying more than once.


2 Responses to About

  1. neutrino says:

    Nah, it was Ellen. I’m not kidding. She was the tipping point. I like the idea of being one more voice, one more drop . . .

  2. Veronica says:

    Ellen does make me happy and she certainly has more of a fire hose than a drop going on!

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